Hilo - HTML5 Game Framework


Hilo is a Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group. It could help developers build HTML5 games conveniently in minutes.

Features independency modules design, support multiple module styles; Object Oriented Programmed Development; Simple and efficient Visual Object Architecture; Multiple render model supported, including CanvasRenderer, DOMRenderer and WebGLRenderer; Compatible for multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Using Flash Shim to support IE (yes as you can see, it support IE); Physics extensions supported: Chipmunk Skeleton animation extensions supported: DragonBones Compile and build

Built by gulp:

run npm install to install all dependencies. run gulp to build source. run gulp extensions to build extensions source. run gulp doc to build API documentation. run gulp test to run tests. multiple module styles can be found in build folder, involving CMD, AMD, CommonJS, KMD. Project Generator for games run npm install -g yo run npm install -g generator-hilo run yo hilo to create a project to continue your fascinating game development API Documentation

Get started by reading docs/api-en/index.html

API Samples


Visual Objects (View)

Bitmap Sprite Graphics DOM element Button Background Canvas Text


Load queue Web sound Mouse Event Drag


Camera Camera3d Skeleton Animation - Dragonbones Particle System Physics Demos

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