Hilo: A Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group

  • Official website: http://hiloteam.github.io/
    Source Code:

    Reasons to recommend:

    • Cross platform
    • modules design
    • Simple and efficient Visual Object Architecture
    • Multiple render model supported
    • Physics extensions supported
    • Skeleton animation extensions supported

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    Hilo is a Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group. It could help developers build HTML5 games conveniently in minutes.


    • independency modules design, support multiple module styles;
    • Object Oriented Programmed Development;
    • Simple and efficient Visual Object Architecture;
    • Multiple render model supported, including CanvasRenderer, DOMRenderer and WebGLRenderer;
    • Compatible for multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Using Flash Shim to support IE (yes as you can see, it support IE);
    • Physics extensions supported: Chipmunk
    • Skeleton animation extensions supported: DragonBones

    Compile and build

    Built by gulp:

    • run npm install to install all dependencies.
    • run gulp to build source.
    • run gulp extensions to build extensions source.
    • run gulp doc to build API documentation.
    • run gulp test to run tests.
    • multiple module styles can be found in build folder, involving CMD, AMD, CommonJS, KMD.

    Project Generator for games

    • run npm install -g yo
    • run npm install -g generator-hilo
    • run yo hilo to create a project to continue your fascinating game development

    API Documentation

    Get started by reading docs/api-en/index.html

    API Samples


    example image


    Contact us

    • gitter.im
    • QQ Group:372765886


    MIT License


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