• Cocos2d-x is a suite of open-source, cross-platform, game-development tools used by millions of developers all over the world.

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    cocos2d-x is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications.
    It is based on cocos2d-iphone, but instead of using Objective-C, it uses C++.
    It works on iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone and Store Apps, OS X, Windows, Linux and Web platforms.

    Cocos2d-x Framework Architecture:

    cocos2d-x is:

    • Fast
    • Free
    • Easy to use
    • Community supported

    Git user attention

    1. Clone the repo from GitHub.

        $ git clone
    2. After cloning the repo, please execute to download and install dependencies.

        $ cd cocos2d-x
        cocos2d-x $ python
    3. After running

        cocos2d-x $ git submodule update --init

    Download stable versions

    How to start a new game

    1. Download the code from cocos2d download site
    2. Run
    3. Run the cocos script


    $ cd cocos2d-x
    $ ./
    $ cocos new MyGame -p com.your_company.mygame -l cpp -d NEW_PROJECTS_DIR
    $ cd NEW_PROJECTS_DIR/MyGame

    You can also create a JS project or Lua project with -l js or -l lua.

    Build and run a new project for Android

    $ cocos run -p android -j 4

    Build and run a new project for iOS

    $ cocos run -p ios

    Build and run a new project for OSX

    $ cocos run -p mac

    Build and run a new project for Tizen

    There are two ways to build and run Tizen project:

    • use cocos console(can not work on 32-bit Windows currently)
      cocos run -p tizen
    • use Tizen IDE, can refer to this doc for detail usage

    Build and run a new project for Linux

    If you never run cocos2d-x on Linux, you need to install all dependencies by the
    script in cocos2d/build/

    $ cd cocos2d-x/build
    $ ./


    $ cd NEW_PROJECTS_DIR/MyGame
    $ cocos run -p linux


    $ bin/MyGame

    Build and run new project for win32

    $ cocos run -p win32

    Build and run new project for Windows 8.1/10.0 and Windows Phone 8.1/10.0

    $ cocos new MyGame -p com.your_company.mygame -l cpp -d projects
    • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 or later is required for Windows 8.1 Universal Apps

    • Visual Studio 2015 (Release version) and Windows 10.0 (Release version) are required for Windows 10.0 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps. RC versions of Visual Studio and Windows 10 are no longer supported.

    Starting with Cocos2d-x v3.3, you can create Windows 8.1 Universal Apps (Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1).
    Starting with Cocos2d-x v3.8 you can create Windows 10.0 UWP Apps (Windows Store and Windows Phone 10.0).
    Starting with Cocos2d-x v3.6 there will no longer be support for Windows Phone 8.0.

    See more info on how to install and create games on Windows RT (Windows and Windows Phone 8.1) at

    Build and run new project for web

    Only JS project can be published to web platforms, so you will need to create a JS project first:

    $ cocos new -l js WebGame

    Then you can run your game in a web browser:

    $ cocos run -p web

    Or you can publish your game to publish/html5/ folder:

    $ cocos run -p web -m release [--advanced]

    Documentations and samples

    Main features

    • Scene management (workflow)
    • Transitions between scenes
    • Sprites and Sprite Sheets
    • Effects: Lens, Ripple, Waves, Liquid, etc.
    • Actions (behaviours):
      • Transformation Actions: Move, Rotate, Scale, Fade, Tint, etc.
      • Composable actions: Sequence, Spawn, Repeat, Reverse
      • Ease Actions: Exp, Sin, Cubic, Elastic, etc.
      • Misc actions: CallFunc, OrbitCamera, Follow, Tween
    • Basic menus and buttons
    • Integrated with physics engines: Box2d and Chipmunk
    • Particle system
    • Skeleton Animations: Spine and Armature support
    • Fonts:
      • Fast font rendering using Fixed and Variable width fonts
      • Support for .ttf fonts
    • Tile Map support: Orthogonal, Isometric and Hexagonal
    • Parallax scrolling
    • Motion Streak
    • Render To Texture
    • Touch/Accelerometer on mobile devices
    • Touch/Mouse/Keyboard on desktop
    • Sound Engine support (CocosDenshion library) based on OpenAL
    • Integrated Slow motion/Fast forward
    • Fast and compressed textures: PVR compressed and uncompressed textures, ETC1 compressed textures, and more
    • Resolution Independent
    • Language: C++, with Lua and JavaScript bindings
    • Open Source Commercial Friendly(MIT): Compatible with open and closed source projects
    • OpenGL ES 2.0 (mobile) / OpenGL 2.1 (desktop) based

    Build Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.7+, Xcode 7+
    • or Ubuntu 12.10+, CMake 2.6+
    • or Windows 7+, VS 2013+
    • Python 2.7.5
    • NDK r11+ is required to build Android games
    • Android Studio 2.3+ bo build Android games
    • Tizen SDK 2.3+ is required to build Tizen games
    • Windows Phone/Store 10.0 VS 2015
    • JRE or JDK 1.6+ is required for web publishing

    Runtime Requirements

    • iOS 7.0+ for iPhone / iPad games
    • Android 2.3.3+ for Android games
    • Tizen 2.3+ or 2.4+ for Tizen games
    • Windows 10.0 for Windows Phone/Store 10.0 games
    • OS X v10.9+ for Mac games
    • Windows 7+ for Win games
    • Modern browsers and IE 9+ for web games

    Running Tests

    Select the test you want from Xcode Scheme chooser.

    • Cocos Console
    // Enter cpp test folder
    cd tests/cpp-tests
    // Or enter js test folder
    cd tests/js-tests
    // Or enter lua test folder
    cd tests/lua-tests
    // Compile or run test case
    cocos compile -p ios|mac|android|win32|win8_1|metro|web -m debug|release
    cocos run -p ios|mac|android|win32|win8_1|metro|web -m debug|release
    • For OS X / iOS
    $ cd cocos2d-x/build
    $ open cocos2d_tests.xcodeproj
    • For Linux
    $ cd cocos2d-x/build
    $ ./
    $ cmake ..
    $ make

    Run Samples

    $ bin/cpp-empty-test/cpp-empty-test
    $ bin/lua-empty-test/lua-empty-test
      You may meet building errors when building It is because directs to an error target,
      you should make it to direct to a correct one. `` only has to be run once.
    • For Windows

    Open the cocos2d-x/build/cocos2d-win32.sln

    • For Windows 8.1 Universal Apps (Phone and Store)

    Open the cocos2d-x/build/cocos2d-win8.1-universal.sln

    • For Windows 10.0 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps (Phone and Store)

    Open the cocos2d-x/build/cocos2d-win10.sln

    • For Android
    $ cd cocos2d-x/build
    $ python ./ cpp-empty-test -p 13
    $ adb install ../tests/cpp-empty-test/

    Then click item on Android device to run tests. Available value of -p is the API level, cocos2d-x supports from level 13.

    • For Tizen

    Please refer to this guide.

    Learning Resources

    Spreading the word!

    You can help us spread the word about cocos2d-x! We would surely appreciate it!

    See what we are planning!

    You can see exactly what we are planning to do with the Cocos family of products.

    Where to get help

    Contributing to the Project

    Cocos2d-x is licensed under the MIT License. We welcome participation!

    Did you find a bug? Do you have feature request? Do you want to merge a feature?

    Contact us


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